With Comfort Hotel’s® Green Rehab initiative we are aiming to live up to a more suatainable and environmentally friendly business and hotel chain. We have taken actions to be more kind to Mother Earth.



We have removed all single use plastic in the hotels. This means no more single use shampoo bottles or 3 packaged cotton swaps that will just go in the trash.


All our hotels take different actions towards saving energy. For example we’ve lowered the temperature at our hotels by 1 degree celsius. Low enough to save energy, warm enough to keep our guests comfortable. At Comfort Hotel Solna the building is mainly powered by solar cells.


Our goal is to have a recycling rate of 99%. The hotels have introduced circular thinking at all levels to increase the possibilities for recycling and trained staff in environmental awareness, and purchase products that can be recycled

Food waste

We keep food waste to a minimum by having a simple breakfast. We offer less breakfast items, but the things we do offer are high quality products that are eco-friendly.


At Comfort Hotel we only clean your room every fourth day to save water.

Cleaning Chemicals

All chemicals that we do use are classified in red, yellow and green, depending on how much they affect people, animals and the environment. The hotels are constantly working on reducing the use of dangerous red and yellow chemicals. Additionally, we are working with our suppliers to produce more environmentally friendly products and methods.