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Silje in Cambodia


Silje from Comfort Hotel Square went to Cambodia to visit our Unicef-project. The cooperation between Nordic Choice Hotels and Unicef celebrated 10 years in 2018, so we want to tell you a little bit more about what we are doing.

Sweet Dreams Stay has already raised more than 4 million NOK. The donation means 100,000 safe nights for children at risk of trafficking at UNICEF shelters in Cambodia. We are now well on track to reaching our goal of providing 400,000 safe nights! The shelters provide safety, care and schooling to children, which helps prevent them becoming victims of human trafficking or child labour.


No thanks to room cleaning! In September 2017, Sweet Dreams Stay launched an initiative to help vulnerable children and increased the opportunity for hotel guests to contribute in a very simple way. The idea is simple, but powerful. Refrain from room cleaning for one night and we will donate money to UNICEF.

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