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He may not have realized what a great impact he would have on the waffle culture in Norway, well at least in the capital, when he sold his first waffle out of his bedroom window in 2013. 

We have spoken to Jonathan Larsson, the guy behind Haralds Vaffel – A MUST visit if you’re ever in town.


- It all started as a joke at an after party. All of a sudden, I was selling waffles to pedestrians walking by. I have made quite a few ignorant choices since then, but I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot, Jonathan tells us.

When the rumor about the new waffle shop spread around town the food safety authority came to pay Jonathan a visit. It didn’t take long before they shut him down due to the lack of a staff toilet and sink in the room, but that didn’t stop Jonathan.  He installed a sink and even a staff toilet - and reopened. He now has 2 waffle shops in Oslo (see the bottom of this article for location) and is planning to open his third during.

Your name is not Harald, but Jonathan. Where does the name Haralds Vaffler (Harald's Waffles) come from?
- The first bedroom shop is located at Harald Hårdrådes plass. It’s as simple as that – but it’s also a catchy and easy name to remember.

What’s your plans for the future?
- I’m opening a third shop in Oslo during 2018 and then I’ll take it a step at a time. It looks good though. I want to open about 8 shops in Oslo during the next couple of years before I look at maybe opening up for franchise shops and opening in other cities.

In addition to mixing up the waffle and creating his own recipes, Jonathan has also started a branded music festival and does a lot of cultural collaborations.

 -I do this because it’s fun and because I try to keep the waffle alive, popular and close to people’s hearts. I believe that the Norwegian waffle has great potential internationally. The Scandinavian culture is exotic and exciting to many other big cities.

Jonathans favorite waffle is currently the Fawaffle (falafel waffle) but if you visit one of his two shops you can choose between various flavors. Some of them seasonal – but he has also kept the traditional waffle on his menu for the less daring.

Vegan coconut waffle, fawaffle, triple cheese and chili, bacon and blue cheese. Where does the inspiration come from?
All of my recipes are very simple and based on things that I’m a fond of myself. Typically inspired by familiar tasty food from my childhood. I just balance it out and convert it into a waffle.

Is there a waffle you have had faith in but regretted that you tasted?            
- Banana waffles are gross. That’s it.

 Tell us something you haven’t told anyone before.
- I use Deichmanske as my office. Libraries are undervalued.

Make sure to visit Haralds Vaffel and try Norway’s best waffles!

Torggata 7, Oslo 
Monday - Sunday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Harald Hårdrådes plass 7, Oslo
Weekends 11 AM - 7 PM

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